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Why Five Star?

Why choose 5 Star Demo & Junk removal to take care of your demo projects?

We have many years of experience in all phases of demolition.

We are fast, efficient an always leave the job site broom swept, nail free and ready for next trade to begin work. All our work is done cleanly and safely and is completed on time an within budget.

Demolition Service - Long Island, New York

Demolition Service FAQ

Why Hire A Demolition Service?

If you’re doing renovation, hiring 5 Star to do the gut, demolition and prep work can save you time and money.

Contractors are experts at building stuff. We’re experts at taking things apart. Get a quote and we think you’ll find that having us do the demo will save you as much as half as what a contractor would charge.

Do You Give Free Estimates?

Estimates are always free.

Careful, Safe And Effective Demolition

We Recycle!

We’ll treat your home and property with respect, and we’ll donate and recycle everything we can before throwing anything away.

Licensed And Insured

5 Star Demolition and Junk Removal provides superior customer service. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured.

Residential & Commercial

5 Star Demolition and Junk Removal services homeowners, commercial firms and contractors